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Under stress, the blood supply to the left and right hemispheres of the brain can become unbalanced. ESR helps to set right this imbalance, and in doing so gives the brain its ideal working conditions. A healthy blood supply is vital to think clearly.

When the body is put under stressful conditions, fear can be experienced, therefore the ‘thinking’ part of the brain is “incapacitated”. The body engages its automatic “fight / flight” mechanism and all the body’s resources are directed into dealing with the problem. When stress levels increase with “too much to do” or “too many things at once” occurring, people can develop feelings of confusion and being “unable to cope”. This state of being swamped and over-powered, can be greatly relieved with the ESR technique.

To do ESR you put your fingers on your forehead, with your fingers together.

Gently rest the fingers above the end of the eyes, on the area where the forehead curves back to the hairline. Keep your fingers soft on your forehead with very light touch. Become aware of the skin under your fingers and gently shift them around till you feel a light pulse under them. 

Initially, you might feel it under one hand and not the other. But keep you fingers on the areas and normally the other pulse will appear. When you have found them, start thinking about an issue, or problem you want to clear. As you start to think about it, the pulses might change under your fingers and become irregular, and shift from side to side. This is because it is allowing the left and right brain to work on the issue. When the pulse is equal under both hands again it means the brain has to balance the issue and is more capable of dealing with it. You can use it on specific words, such as ‘I feel overwhelmed’ or ‘even though I feel nervous’ and ‘I don’t know why’. You can also run through a situation in your mind whilst holding the points to help with exam nerves, over coming fears and sports performance.

Here is a list of things that people have received help with by using Emotional Stress Release (ESR) in practical situations:

Relieves Tension Relieves fears Helps Empathy        Past Traumas

Well-Being Improve performance Help Phobias    Exam Nerves Weight Control Eases Anxieties Personal Probs Relationships

Money worries Known Fears Unknown Fears  Travel Sick

Digestive problems     Memory          Clear -ve memories          Future Worries

Problem Solving   Feeling Overwhelmed    Pre-Operative Fears Post-Op Effects

Balances Left & Right Brain

Putting your hands on these points is a natural response, when someone is thinking. You might notice them with their hand either side of their forehead. A lot of things we do are linked into the body’s intuition, listen to the intelligent you and see what they have to say.