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Cross Crawl

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The brain is bathed in cerebral-spinal fluid. This liquid performs several functions. It protects the brain inside the skull from injury by acting as a hydraulic shock absorber.Stagnation of the cerebral-spinal fluid results in impaired communication within the brain. This also affects the relationships between the brain and the body. This can result in many types of co-ordination problems that can be helped by a very simple exercise. Each movement is merely a type of walking movement, somewhat exaggerated. It involves the use of the opposite limbs together, for example left arm right leg then right arm left leg, such as in exaggerated marching. It is also effective when performed lying flat." target="_blank">It is simple and it works! Raises IQ and it is fun!" target="_blank">Balances L/R brain, Balances emotions & supports clearer thinking" target="_blank">Relieves stiffness,    Improves balance & strength" target="_blank">Improves health awareness,  Improves stroke patients,    Improves circulation & co-ordination, Improves brain damage recovery" target="_blank">Improves slow learning & dyslexia,  Improves vision sharpness" target="_blank">Improves memory & learning,   Improves fitness & energy levels" target="_blank">Improves lymph flow,    Improves digestion" target="_blank">Improves blood pressure,   Reduces stress" target="_blank">Balances L/R brain,     Balances emotions & supports clearer thinking

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Learn this 1 minute massage

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Learn this Amazing Stress Release Technique

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EMOTIONAL STRESS RELEASE TECHNIQUE Under stress, the blood supply to the left and right hemispheres of the brain can become unbalanced. ESR helps to set right this imbalance, and in doing so gives the brain its ideal working conditions. A healthy blood supply is vital to think clearly.

When the body is put under stressful conditions, fear can be experienced, therefore the ‘thinking’ part of the brain is “incapacitated”. The body engages its automatic “fight / flight” mechanism and all the body’s resources are directed into dealing with the problem. When stress levels increase with “too much to do” or “too many things at once” occurring, people can develop feelings of confusion and being “unable to cope”. This state of being swamped and over-powered, can be greatly relieved with the ESR technique - FOR MORE INFO ON THIS CHECK OUT THE EFT ARTICLE

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New Book

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Anouncing the launch of Essential Mind Tools